I love fanart, and perhaps you do too!

Alas, my art skills are delegated to stickmen, but some lovely people send me some fanart and covers!  

They're grouped in sections, by book. Devilkitten even commissioned free Dragonet shimeji (desktop pets)! They can be found in the Upon Wings of Change section.

More can be found on Wattpad, in the Fanart chapter in each book.

To submit fanart, please use the contact form on the About me page to ask for my email address. Or you can upload it into a Google Doc and email the link to me in the About Me Contact Form.

A Different Virus

Diane sharpening her knife in a tree.  By Viupcake.

Smokey.  By DiamondWillowTree

Diane with her glaive.  By SierraJohnsonHinson

Upon Wings of Change & A New Beginning

Tasha.   By ValdtRift

Tasha. By Pheonix

Sicora.   By ValdtRift

Crawler. By ValdtRift

The Virus Within

Trinity.   By Pheonix

Trinity. By Chloe

Jess, Nicky, and Trinity.   By Repeat

Things we cannot give Nicky.   By Repeat

Alternative cover.  By Ei_Daisuki

Alternative cover.   By dray_malfxy

Nicky.  By Repeat

Looking To Belong 

Alternative cover.  By GretchenBearer

Will and Jade   By AsteriLux

Redeeming The Lost

Vera and Julie.  By AsteriLux

   Puppy Burrito.   By AsteriLux